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CNC Turning


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Mechanical Processing

CNC turning, the core business

Four specialized workers for the placement of the various machines, two organizing partners to manage the entire production.

CNC turning is the core business of Meccanica Emiliana.

At the customer’s request, the company is able to produce finished mechanical parts ready for final assembly.

In particular Meccanica Emiliana provides the customer with all the support necessary to carry out the heat treatment of cementation and tempering, complementary to the final phase of grinding as well as quality control on the processes carried out.

our specializations

Mechanical Machining

One day the machines will be able to solve all the problems, but none of them will ever be able to pose one.

— Albert Einstein

There is real progress only when the advantages of a new technology become for everyone.

— Henry Ford

Scientists dream of doing great things. Engineers make them.

— James Michner